Be confident in knowing that your business's finance is in the hands of a very experienced accountant so you can focus more on the important things. 



Keiji Iijima, bilingual in English and Japanese, was born in Tokyo, Japan and came to the US at the age of 13. He graduated from California State University of Los Angeles with a Bachelor degree in Mathematics. He also has a license in notary public and as a tax specialist. 


He has worked for companies as a Controller such as Kirin Brewery of America, Phiten USA Inc and Marukan Vinegar. With over 30 years of experience in accounting, you can rest assure that your finances are in the right hands.


Here at Behind the Salon, we focus more on small business accounting. As a owner, you have other important things you need to handle, so let us take care of your books.

Some of the services include:


• Issue and maintain checks                


• Issue invoice and cash management            


• Bank Reconciliation 


• Create balance sheet, income statement and

    cash flow statement, along with trial balance


• Record keeping of cost of goods  


• Consultation on increase profit      


•Payroll process                  

Packages start from $500 per month and includes the services above. Prices vary depending on the work content. Consultation is needed for a specific pricing.


On site service is available and can be hired hourly starting at $50 per hour.


Contact us anytime during our business hours for more information and so you can fully understand the process of your financial information we provide. You can either call us at (877) 985-6797 or email us by going to our contact page.

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